Michelle Deeter
Chinese-English Translator

A wide range of services are available, from transcription to interpreting. For all services, Michelle provides top quality work for her customers. She also has superior research skills and has a perfect track record for meeting her deadlines.


Michelle has experience translating in a wide variety of areas including patents, computer software, mobile technology, legal documents, news articles, surveys, interviews, short stories, literature, and microblog posts. Michelle is capable of translating in other areas; just leave a message here and she will contact you within 24 hours. She has a daily capacity of 1500 words for technical texts and 3000 words for general texts. She is happy to provide sworn or official translations for no extra charge.


Michelle is based in Manchester, England and is willing to travel throughout the United Kingdom for interpreting assignments. Professionally trained in simultaneous, consecutive, bilateral interpreting, she can meet your linguistic needs at a competitive price. She can also work as an escort interpreter for visitors coming to the United Kingdom. As a former bilingual secretary, she has experience handling jobs of all shapes and sizes. She also has experience in form contexts (e.g. the United Nations) and working with tourists (working briefly for a castle in Northern England).

Translation Proofreading

Michelle is regularly asked to do proofreading of jobs that have already been translated from Chinese to English. She is perfectly suited for translation proofreading, having a deep knowledge of Chinese and a keen eye for spelling and punctuation mistakes. She can polish up or double check jobs that have been done by other translators.

Back Translation

Major companies often write surveys and documentation in Chinese but need to check that their translated text is accurate. Any client concerned with quality should consider getting a back translation of their work. Back translation which is translating a document back into its original language to check that the translation conveys the exact meaning intended. For example, a company writes a survey in English and wants it to be used in Shanghai. They hire a Chinese native speaker translator to translate the document. Then they hire me to translate the document back into English, to make sure that the Chinese text says exactly what it should say.

Dissertation Proofreading

To make sure your dissertation is absolutely perfect, make sure it is proofread by a native English speaker! Michelle has over 100,000 words of experience in dissertation proofreading and can help MA and PhD candidates with grammar, spelling, editing, and overall clarity of a paper. She specializes in proofreading dissertations written by Chinese speakers, because she can usually guess what the writer intended to say and make awkward wording sound more natural. She is also available to double check reference lists or bibliographies in your preferred citation style.


As a native English speaker, Michelle offers highly accurate transcription services for all types of videos, clips, and documentaries. Accents are not a problem. Michelle offers highly competitive rates and a rapid turnaround time for all projects.